"Meditation" 3 Bottle Set (30 mil) of Naturally Energetic Gemstones


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"Meditation" is a 3-bottle set of polished, naturally energetic gemstones, selected for their energies that facilitate meditation, visualization, shamanic journey and spiritual connection Set contains one bottle each of Leopardskin Jasper, Clear Quartz, and Kyanite.

You can create your own gemstone synergy combinations with these delightful little bottles of mother nature's gems. Useful for both their decorative appeal and their energetic qualities, there are lots of ways to these tiny treasures (see "Ways to Use" tab for more information) And, because they are beautifully packaged, they make wonderful, thoughtful gifts!

Each set is packaged in an attractive clear box, measuring approximately 3"x2"x1", and includes gemstone energy information, suggested uses, and energy cleansing instructions. This is one of several different bottled gemstone sets by Knowing the Soul. You can see them all here.

Bottles are sturdy, clear glass with natural cork stoppers. Each bottle holds 10 mil by volume. Weight of contents varies between 11 and 16 grams per bottle, depending on the gemstone. Each bottle is 1 1/2" tall with a width of a U.S. nickel (approximately 3/4" across).

These are natural gemstones in free-form shapes, pebbles, and/or chips that have been tumble-polished. Individual pieces vary in size and shape. Click on "Gemstones" tab for details on each.


Leopardskin Jasper, Clear Quartz, Kyanite

Leopardskin Jasper
is used for meditation, creative visualization, astral travel, shamanic journeying, and spiritual discovery. It helps you to connect with your animal totems, spirit guides, and elemental energies. Like all jaspers, it’s also protective and nurturing; in particular, leopardskin jasper is very protective during shamanic journeying.

Clear Quartz is known as the Universal Crystal. It’s useful for healing, cleansing, energizing, and balancing all chakras. It’s considered the master healer as well as a powerful energy amplifier and regulator, raising its holder's energy levels; enhances the energies of other crystals and stones it’s near. It aids in concentration and focus and helps psychic abilities. It’s a highly spiritual stone that can help you uncover and tune in to your life's spiritual purpose.

Blue Kyanite helps facilitate meditation. Kyanite is a high vibration stone with rapid transfers of energy. It enhances telepathic communication between individuals, promotes lucid dreaming, and initiates or enhances psychic awareness. Kyanite makes a great tool to enhance visualization, creativity, perception, comprehension, and foresight. It can act as a calming agent for those who are stressed. It balances yin-yang energies and dispels energy blockages. Kyanite does not accumulate negative energies, so you do not need to cleanse it.

Important Note:The information provided here is for reference purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please read our website disclaimer for details.

Ways to Use

Suggested ways to use these gemstones

  1. Pour into a small dish and place in an area, such as a meditation space, wealth corner, or bedside table to cleanse, balance, and revitalize the energy.
  2. Place under massage table to enhance healing.
  3. Select your favorites and carry in a pouch or place in a potion bottle and wear as a good luck talisman.
  4. Pour into a dish to create an energy bed and place an object (such as pendulum or jewelry) on top to cleanse, activate and/or balance the object’s energy.
  5. Sprinkle across divination or oracle cards to cleanse, balance, or activate energetic intentions.
  6. Enhance dreaming - Pour into a drawstring pouch and keep under or next to pillow while sleeping.
  7. Use to decorate or brighten up a space - Leave gemstones in the bottle or pour into decorative dish.
  8. Meditate - Hold gemstones in your hand (either loose or in a bottle) and visualize the energy field it creates around you.

 How to Cleanse Stone Energies

These gemstones gather and store energy over time. This build-up of energy can interfere with the stones’ natural vibrations and energetic balance. You should periodically cleanse stones to keep the energy fresh. Here are some ways to cleanse  energies:

Pour into a dish and place a piece of citrine, cleansed hematite or amethyst on top and let sit for 12 hours. Another option is to visualize the stones in a sparkling shower of cleansing white light.

After cleansing, “charge” with fresh energy to activate the stones’ natural properties. Put in windowsill to absorb the moon’s or sun's light. Or use therapeutic sound or light, blessings, or physical touch to recharge / reactivate their natural energies.