Secrets of the Mermaid - Aqua Aura, Gemstone and Sterling Silver Pendulum

Discover the "Secrets of the Mermaid" in this playful, yet elegant pendulum designed to embody the mysterious energies of the perceptive, alluring, and independent Mermaid. Unfettered by the human tendency to over-analyze, these enchanting beings have tremendous secret wisdom at their disposal. The weight-stone is a lovely, iridescent orb of Aqua Aura Quartz that's mounted with a sterling silver, Celtic styled tri-lobe setting.

Note: Quantities of this design are very limited. The stones used to make this pendulum have been cleansed and charged in the light of the recent "blue moon" that took place on October 31, 2020. As with all AYP pendulums, each piece is also lovingly blessed with Reiki energy.

Aqua Aura is a lab-enhanced quartz crystal created through a special process that permanently combines vaporized gold with natural quartz. The result is a modified crystal that's permanently sheathed in an iridescent, vivid blue. The orbs for this design are super clean inside, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

In the detachable sterling silver chain are sterling capped accents of Aqua Aura Quartz, Herkimer Diamond Quartz, a five-point star in Mother-of-Pearl, three creamy white sticks of Branch Coral, a stack of Aqua Aura and Clear Quartz, and at the bottom of the chain, a lustrous, sterling capped cultured Pearl.

The sterling silver fob (holding piece) is a swimming mermaid with long flowing hair, one arm extended to hold on to the pendulum  chain's connector ring. She's wonderfully detailed on both sides.


Included with this pendulum - Drawstring pouch, giftbox, small reusable polishing cloth, pendulum use and care instructions.

Measurements - Overall length of pendulum is 7 1/4". The chain length (including the sterling lobster claw clasp) is 6 1/3". Weight-stone (including mounting and top loop) measures 3/4" or approx 14mm without mounting. All measurements are close approximations.

All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine. Please note: As these are natural stones, there will be minor variations in color intensity and component shapes in the chain.

Wear It!

How to wear this pendulum- This pendulum's chain has a clasp that allows you to detach the weight-stone so you can wear it as a pendant - simply by slipping it onto your own neck chain or satin cord. Or you can wear the whole pendulum by using a pendulum-to-pendant adapter, or simply by threading a neck chain or cord through one of the links in the pendulum's chain and letting both ends dangle. (Adapter and neck chain sold separately - see related items below.)