One of a Kind #208 - Rose Quartz, Tanzanite and Sterling Silver Pendulum

This is a One-of-a-Kind pendulum design - meaning there is only one of this particular pendulum.

Bridge the heart and mind with this beautiful, unusual pendulum made with Rose Quartz, Tanzanite and sterling silver.  The weight-stone is a plump, polished ovoid (egg-shaped orb) of Rose Quartz that has a wonderful low center of gravity, making for great momentum and swing. A subtle feature of this stone's beauty is in its inclusions, which resemble clouds of pink cotton candy (a natural feature of Rose Quartz). Scattered amid its inner-swirls, are delightful little rainbows that look like they're sitting on tiny butterfly wings just under the surface of the stone. Set with a sterling silver tri-lobed shield-shaped mounting, this weighty egg suspends from a detachable sterling silver chain that's decorated with Rose Quartz and hand-faceted Tanzanites.

The fob (the holding piece) is lovely, smooth, domed, highly polished cabochon of purply-blue, translucent Tanzanite, set in a simple, yet elegant sterling silver bezel mounting that has an open back. allowing light to pass through the stone.

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Measurements- Overall length of pendulum is 8 1/2". The chain length (including the "S" clasp) is 6". Weight-stone (including mounting) measures 1 3/8" high by 3/4" thick. Fob (with setting) measures 7/8" x 1/2" x 1/4" thick. All measurements are close approximates.

All metal parts (chain, clasp, fob, mountings, and connectors) are sterling silver. All stones are genuine.

Wear it!

How to wear this pendulum: This pendulum's chain has a clasp that allows you to detach the weight-stone so you can wear it as a pendant - simply by slipping it onto your own neck chain or satin cord. Or you can wear the whole pendulum by using a pendulum-to-pendant adapter, or simply by threading a neck chain or cord through one of the links in the pendulum's chain and letting both ends dangle. (Adapter and neck chain sold separately - see related items below.)