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What people are saying about their AYP Pendulums

"I received my pendulums today and was absolutely awed not only by their beauty and the craftsmanship, but also the radiant energy of light they emitted!  I have never felt what I felt when I first held the pendulums nor have seen any more beautiful. It was clear to me that the pendulums were created with love and pure intention. Also, I printed and read your information on your website and again have never been opened to the education you provided on pendulum use. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I feel so blessed to have found your sight.  Your pendulums truly are exquisite." ~ Melody P.
The Moon

"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I'm enjoying "Endless Light" and "Dragonfly Light."  My Endless Light in particular has been extremely responsive and has a very powerful swing to it!  I'm also liking the shorter length on this one; this may sound weird, but it kind of makes it feel more playful!  Love the Celtic knot fob, along with the celtic triad cap on the weight stone. Dragonfly Light--what can I say, I love dragon flies to begin with, but the design for the chain is simple elegance, with the two trios of opalite beads and the beautifully larger cut stone in the center.  The weight stone is so big and weighty and luminous with it's gorgeous cap, you hit this one out of the park for me!" ~ Elena

Endless LightDragonfly Light

"I was very excited to receive my pendulums today. When I had the Rainbow Fluorite in my hands I felt a lot of energy go through my body which made me feel renewed. I love both pendulums, the craftsmanship is excellent and I can't wait to put them to use! It is amazing how well and how fast I connected with the fluorite pendulum. Of course the Emperor pendulum is gorgeous and I also tuned into that one very quickly as well. I carry them with me all the time and I use them when I want clear answers on something." - Juan Tarnez, Eagle Pass, TX

The Emperor - Red Jasper Limited Edition Pendulum

"I have ordered several pendulums from your site, both directly and in "group" orders with friends who I've passed your site information along. I am so impressed with the creativity, beautiful craftsmanship, stone quality, and perfect energy that comes with each delivery. I just can't say enough to appropriately applaud. The other products and the information provided on this site are high quality as well, and most appreciated. Please keep up the excellent work. My collection of pendulums continues to grow - you can never have too many! Namaste!" - Sarah

Inner Vision - Charoite and Sterling Silver Pendulum

"Divine Light was the first pendulum I identified for myself, as I loved the multi-faceted clear quartz weight-stone, and citrine is my birthstone. The two stones - the golden and the clear - work beautifully together to convey a true sense of light and energy. The wheel-like fob conveys radiant wholeness and intricacy, a good symbol for light and life itself. This has become my go-to, all purpose pendulum, and I should add that it looks stunning when worn as a necklace." - Ann
Divine Light (no longer available) Mystic Moon

"Mystic Moon was selected more intuitively - this one just sort of spoke to my heart. I'm very glad I listened, because when it arrived I was completely charmed by its gentle radiance. This one is subtle but deep, the moonstone weight-stone glowing gently, and the accent stones shimmering in the light. The fob is utterly delightful: a sweet, serene moon face rounding out the expressiveness of the whole piece. Just holding it brings a sense of tranquility, and it is the pendulum I choose for emotional questions." - Ann

"I truly love "The Fool".  This is the most wonderful pendulum I have ever owned.  I just feels so right in my hand and it is so responsive.  More so than any I have ever used.  I am sure it will become my most reliable of all.  I just love it so much, and it is such a wonderful work of art.  IT'S BRILLIANT!!! - that is the only correct way to describe it." - Kip DiPaolo

The Fool

"I was drawn to The High Priestess because of the labradorite weight-stone-labradorite being one of my favorite stones- and its overall beauty. Each stone in it has meaning to me, but they also simply look right and lovely in combination. I am fond of the High Priestess card in Tarot, finding her a sympathetic character. This pendulum seems a perfect embodiment of the card's characteristics, from the stones associated with psychic awareness to the moon shaped interlace fob. It is stunning, just magical." - Ann
High Priestess Limited Edition PendulumThe Chariot

"The Chariot is gorgeous...Who would not be delighted by a winged horse like the one on this pendulum's fob? All the stones, from the glittery pyrite weight-stone to the rutilated quartz, tiger's eye, citrine, and hematite accents play beautifully together in the light and embody the meanings of the Chariot Tarot card. Everything about this pendulum underscores the concepts of the Chariot: finding clarity and balance, focusing the will to bring forth harmony and forward momentum from united opposites, a spiritual synergy necessary for moving forward. This is my favorite pendulum to use for third chakra questions, and it makes a striking pendant as well." - Ann

"From the beautiful, tapered chunky amethyst weight-stone to the interlace wheel fob and fixture, Inner Journey is a gorgeous pendulum. All of the stones are richly colored and luminous. It has a calm, yet focused energy to it. I love this one for queries or meditation relating to the crown chakra, especially, and it also looks very appealing when worn as a pendant. "
Revealing LightInner Journey
"Even prettier in person, Revealing Light radiates a feeling of support or a strengthening quality. The malachite shimmers in its characteristic variegated green tones, elegantly set off by the amazonite beads. The round filigree fob complements the round weight-stone and is very easy to hold in use. It's perfect for heart chakra work, especially where there is a question of finding balance between caring for oneself and pleasing others, or where the heart needs both comfort and strength." - Ann

"I just wanted to thank you for a gorgeous pendulum (custom design). This thing shakes, rattles, and rolls, it is absolutely beautiful-I can't say it enough. The weight stone OMG! You really do have to see it in person. Job well done- wonderful talent you have!" - Shannon

"Temperance is beautiful! This is one of your most elegant tarot designs so far! The three dimensional angel fob is amazing! The detail on the wings deserves a photo of its own. This tarot card is so often overlooked, in my opinion, but you've truly done it justice! The stones you selected perfectly exemplify what this card is all about. You've made me re-appreciate my tarot cards all over again. Thank you for re-igniting my excitement in using my tarot cards." - Elena


"Wanted to let you know that I received my 2 new pendulums. I opened the The Harvest first. I was speechless at this beautiful pendulum. I love the colors. Adding the amber, citrine and peridot to the carnelian - I'm in heaven! The stone on this pendulum is awesome. Elegant, yet strong and powerful. Very nice, thank you so much for a beautiful pendulum. Then I opened the Justice pendulum. It brought tears to my eyes. The connection to this pendulum is stronger than any other one I have. It really is a beautiful piece of art. I love the stone, the design and colors. They go together well. I had comments from people as soon as they saw it. Everyone seems to notice the justice scales. The stone is so unique. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, I love it! " - Erin

The Harvest Carnelian, Gemstone and Sterling Silver PendulumLimited Edition Tarot Essence Series Justice Shiva Lingam, Gemstone, and Sterling Silver Pendulum

"Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled I am with my pendulums (Goddess Within II & Limited Edition Hanged Man). They are stunning to say the least, not only in beauty but in their energy as well! Your quality in workmanship and of the stones used is excellent. They are both perfectly proportioned and balanced. I was so drawn to the Limited Edition Hanged Man, and even though I was unsure of the swing using an Orb, I had to have it. For anyone questioning the swing of an orb, don't. It's extremely smooth and easy to read. Also, I have to say I love having more than one pendulum. I like utilizing the stones' qualities for different types of questions. Thank you SO MUCH!" - Shar

Goddess Within (II) Lapis Lazuli, Chakra Gemstone and Sterling Silver PendulumLimited Edition Tarot Essence Series Hanged Man Aquamarine, gemstone and sterling silver pendulum

"I was thrilled to see a package from you in my mailbox! Everything was packaged so lovingly and carefully, and I love the stickers saying they were blessed with reiki energy. I placed them all in a bowl together to soak up a bit of sun before I start getting to know Nebula's Gift. I printed out the page on how to use the pendulum and cannot wait to get started and to use it in my reiki and meditation practices. Thanks so much! I will take very good care of Nebula and the chakra crystals. Your pendulums are gorgeous works of art and love!" - Carolyn J.
Nebula's Gift - Quartz, Copper and Sterling Silver Pendulum
Stone Rainbow - Chakra Stone Set

"I just got my pendulums, and I am so excited! The citrine is gorgeous! I love the bag you picked for it too! I put it close to my heart for a little bit and now I am wearing it around my neck! I also love the keepsake box! It is just perfect. I am going to put the Wisdom of Angels in it, since I will always be carrying my Citrine. Thank you again for the beautiful pendulums. They are just perfect, and way more than I could have imagined." - Jaimi W.

Custom citrine and sterling design

"I opened my custom Lapis/Infintiy/ Hummingbird pendulum and it is spectacular! It is very responsive and the hummingbird is more substantial than expected. I like the feel of the chain with the stones, and knew you would select the pouches that I had in mind too. Everything was wrapped with great care. I can't think of a better pendulum, but when I do I will order it!" - Paul G.

"My pendulum is so beautiful!!! Every stone on the pendant is so meaningful to me. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into creating this pendulum, and I'm thrilled that I got to collaborate so much with you on it. This pendulum will always have such a special place in my heart, and it's completely unique to me, which I love." - E.N.

"Just want to say thank you. The pendulum it's beautiful, love it, it's a piece of art. I wanted my first pendulum to be super special, and it is. When I'm not practicing, I explore the crystal, thank you so much. The keepsake box is lovely. The packaging, everything, it says a lot. Thanks. :o)" - Luz C.

Celestia - Quartz, gemstone and sterling silver pendulum

"Thank you so much for my beautiful pendulum! I got the Focus Quartz with amethyst. It's so responsive! I've always wanted a pendulum, but had never gotten around to purchasing one. I'm so glad I found your site and got one! Now I'm getting real answers to all of those pesky "Yes" and "No" questions that always seem to come up in my life. Keep up the great work!" - Lori from Oceanside, CA

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful High Priestess pendulum; I just received it today. Like so many, I'm a shopper on a budget, but I was so drawn to this pendulum that I decided to take a leap of faith. When I opened the box and took out the pendulum, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, the quality is incredible, and the pendulum strongly hums with good energy (because of the energy you put into it when you made it). It is so responsive, it took a lot from me to give it a rest and put it down, because I just don't want to stop holding it. Anyway, Thank You So Much, you definitely have a repeat customer on your hands. Many Blessings." - Rachel G.

High Priestess Limited Edition Pendulum

"I received the pendulum and I LOVE it. Stunning is an understatement. I have gotten compliments on it from everyone who has seen it. I want your clients to understand how much thought and care you put into the custom pieces and how perfectly you matched the design with what I needed, even though I didn't really know for sure what I wanted. Your website is very unique and I kept being drawn to it, but I could not have imagined how perfect the custom design would be." - Stephanie S.

Divine Balance - Shiva Lingam Pendulum

"I wanted to let you know that I received my pendulum last week. It's absolutely amazing! For something so small and delicate it sure packs a punch! I was cleansing it on Friday night and just for fun I decided to ask it a few questions whilst being smudged in the sage. To my absolute surprise it formed a connection with me straight-away. Upon asking the first question, I felt a surge of energy run down my arm into my hand where it started pulsating and then I felt the energy go down into the pendulum where upon it started swinging from left to right, indicating 'yes' to my question. It swung three or four times and stopped. I asked it a 'no' question and it started swinging from top to bottom. It was amazing and thrilling! Who says you can't have fun with a pendulum at home on a Friday night? LOL!"- Tereza Martens

Custom Designed Pendulum
Tereza has a terrific blog and has written about her new custom pendulum:"

"Just received my In the Light Quartz pendulum in the mail today and I have already had some AWESOME results with it. It is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering from you again! :) " - Suzanne W.

"Two pendulums arrived in record time, beautifully packaged, gorgeous to behold. I've been working with them about a week now and find them very responsive, calming, and focused. Love the accompanying bookmarks with tips on pendulum use. I can't speak more highly about your site and your wonderful pendulums. I definitely know where I'll be getting pendulums for my friends : )"
- Sue C.

"Thank you so much for my pendulum. The High Priestess is simply gorgeous! The stones are phenomenal. The labradorite is fantastic! Then add in the aquamarine and rainbow moonstone, and you've got one fantastic pendulum. The moldavite is an extra bonus. Great pieces! They all fit together wonderfully. I love them. I'm very fond of the moldavite and finding such good quality is hard to do. The sterling silver celtic moon is a great compliment to the pendulum. Again, you've created another "one of a kind" piece of jewelry, a.k.a. pendulum. I've been wearing it since I received it today. Don't want to take it off!" - Erin
High Priestess - Labradorite and Sterling Silver Pendulum

"Thank you so much! My boyfriend and I are 100% happy with our new pendulums. They are so beautiful. Thank you for the Reiki also!" - Sierra B.

"The custom pendulum came out so beautiful! It's so breathtaking. I absolutely love the combination of the fob, clasp and crystals. I have been wearing next to my skin since I got it and feel such a positive energy emanating from it. And the quartz pendant is absolutely gorgeous, I love all the 'magical' specks in it. It truly is more than just a pendant - it's a work of art. I cannot wait to use it once we are acquainted with each other. Thank you so much." - Marcella

"They (your pendulums) are more than beautiful! They are works of ART! I absolutely LOVE my Seraphinite one in Silver with a little angel on the fob of it. It's become a conversation piece on a silver necklace hanging on a silver hook where the Pendulum dangles from. The best thing about it is that not only is the whole package BEAUTIFUL I have easy access to it whenever I need it.. It's GREAT! Thanks again Eva for your Angelic Creations! I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM! KISSES!"- Joy C.

"Just wanted you to know I received my pendulum is absolutely beautiful!!! The packaging was done so delicately; I can tell that you put a lot of love in what you do, Eva. Thank you for getting my pendulum to me so quickly." - Ana

"Thank you for the beautiful pendulums, I'm satisfied beyond words. They are, to put it simple, superb. I have already recommended you to family and friends." - Kelly

"I received the Dragonfly Sea Aquamarine pendulum today and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me in my decision process and also in making the pendulum perfect in every way. Your artistic sense captured exactly what I wanted in the look and feel of the stone as well as in the pendulum itself. Aside from being a unique pendulum, it's a piece of jewelry and a beautiful work of art. I'm looking forward to using it as well as wearing it! Also, because it arrived so thoughtfully and meticulously packaged (and I love that it has been blessed), I plan to buy more and use them as gifts! Thanks again." - Deborah C.

"I wanted to say that I got my pendulum on Friday and I. LOVE. IT!! So beautiful and packaged nicely - really great presentation and even better product. I'd definitely encourage *ANYONE* who feels drawn to getting one of your pendulums to do so. They're perfect. :)" - Lisa W.

"I received it (Truth in Compassion) fast! I'm very happy, I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much..." - Laurie
Truth in Compassion - Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Pendulum

"This Dragonfly Sea - Aquamarine and Sterling Silver Pendulum has the most wonderful feeling. I can smell and taste the sea or mint or something special from it. It is truly a special stone. As a pendulum it works beautifully and easily. It's best quality is its great clearing, calming, and healing capacity. It works quickly to clear the chakras all by itself. As soon as I received it, I just wanted it near me all the time. I have used it as a self-healer just by holding it or lying it at various places on my body. When I use it, I can feel my body adjusting in gentle jolts. Last night, during a thunder and lightning storm, my frightened dog curled up with it under his chest and went to sleep during the storm where he would normally have shaken until it had passed. He looked at me with big eyes that said, "Thank you!" and we all went to sleep. We have never done that. This is truly a wonderful stone." - Tammy L.

"Thanks for the lovely new pendulums. The citrine is even warmer and more gorgeous than the last one (although only marginally - they're both really beautiful). I love the labradorite too. It feels like a solid, friendly little planet, with flashy blue bodies of water floating around in there. I find it very soothing and grounding, and like to sleep with it. I like the design and the setting very much too, it's very sweet. Thanks as usual for your prompt shipping and extraordinary service." - Jennifer

"The pendulums arrived the other day and they are even more beautiful (if that's even possible) than the website showed. I am very excited about these and can't wait to share these as they were chosen with specific people in mind. And I wanted to say an extra helping of thanks for the custom designed pendulum that you created for my friend." - Michelle P.

"I got my order yesterday. The pendulums are "beeeautiful"! It was obvious that you packaged everything carefully and thoughtfully. It was a thrill to discover each little extra gift you placed in the package. You had me when you answered my initial queries. I am now a loyal fan for good! Thank you for such excellent service!" - Marcia

"What can I say, your Quartz/Moldavite selection is gorgeous! Each pendulum has it's own vibration/personality; for day to day divination I have the 'Lazuli Moon' and 'Activation' for more spiritual work, PERFECT!! Thanks so much Eva, for your functional works of art!" - Bill

"I just wanted to tell you how much I really love your products. There is nothing even remotely close to them anywhere. They are beautiful in every respect (chain, stones, handle) and it is readily evident that they are assembled with great care and love. In addition the customer attention and service you provide is excellent. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found your site and I want to thank you so much for producing such beautiful pendulums." - Suzanne

"I really do find I like having some (pendulums) on hand for special gifts. People just love them and it's fun to choose one to match someone's "colors" or energies in my mind. It's such a personal gift. Yesterday I gave one to someone who was badly injured and is in the hospital - I charged it with healing energy first for a couple of days. He was quite pleased with it, and I hope it really helps. More individual than flowers and it lasts longer!" - Jenny

"I must really need my new pendulum that arrived TODAY! How could it go from coast-to-coast in two business days? Well, I'm glad it's here. "Isis" is the most beautiful pendulum I've ever seen! The aventurine is gorgeous. I love it and will definitely enjoy using this beautiful piece. The extras are great, too. You have the best pendulum website that I've found Online. Your service is superb. The packaging is the best! I could go on and on.... I'll definitely be back for more of your "Beautiful divination" items. Thanks a bunch!" - Lia

"Just to let you know I've already received the order.... yesterday! You must send the pkgs w/ the angels lol. Love the blk onyx.... I'm sure my friend will love it too. And the chains are beautiful." - Kim

"Thanks very much for the lovely Fruition pendulum. It's very pretty. Love the chain and the little toothy leaf, which is even cuter in person and a lot of fun to play with. I tried it on my favorite little Herkimer diamond pendulum (which has a rather boring chain), and it looks great on there too, so I may switch them around sometimes. The weight-stone looks great as a pendant too. Thanks again for your help and the fast shipping. I'll be back, I'm sure." - Jen

"Just got the pendulum in today..........just wanted to say that it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks much." - Bob

"Hi.....Just wanted to tell you how beautiful my Pendulum is, I absolutely love it and you will be hearing from me again......Thank you." - Laura Lambert

"I just received my first order from you and WOW! The pendulums were top quality- beautifully crafted and magickally balanced. Truly works of art. Thank you so much!"
- Cori

The customers who were so kind to write these comments have granted their permission to have them published here. To all of you - thanks so much for sharing your impressions of my pendulums and website with everyone! - Eva Browning

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Synchronicity - Clear Quartz, Moldavite and Sterling Silver