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Wellspring of Light and Truth - Lapis Lazuli, Gemstone and Sterling Silver Pendulum
Wellspring of Light and Truth - Lapis Lazuli, Gemstone and Sterling Silver Pendulum
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I believe there is a Wellspring of Light and Truth within each of us and that accessing it can be as easy as picking up a pendulum. A "wellspring" is defined as an original and bountiful source - and that's what I had in mind when creating this design. In my mind's sometimes-playful eye, the notion of tapping into one's personal "wellspring" (aka, intuition), suggested an actual coil "spring" surrounding a stack of ascending light waves that represent the body's seven major chakras. The "Light" part of the metaphor for this design is in its unusual fob (the fob is the holding piece). I created a column of 7 semi-precious gemstones on a single axis and then surrounded it with a coil of beautiful, energetic sterling silver. Inside this helical cage are seven pretty stones, each representing one of the seven main chakras: amethyst (crown), lapis lazuli (brow), aquamarine (throat), peridot (heart), citrine (solar plexus), carnelian (navel), and garnet (base). A Spiral is a symbol for movement, progress, healing, direction, momentum, centering, expansion, awareness, connection, and cosmic energy.

The "Truth" part of the design's metaphor is in the weight-stone, a lovely, big blue Lapis Lazuli (which resonates with the fifth and sixth chakras - centers for truth and intuition) orb, mounted top and bottom with sleek, polished sterling silver caps. Orbs are a great choice for beginners because they're not coy or hesitant in their action. If you're looking for the best way to experience the energy of your pendulum's natural stone, the orb shape provides optimal benefit. This shape - the sphere - both receives and transmits energy. Hold a gemstone orb in your hand and it will receive your energy, transmute it (based on the gemstone's energetic properties) and offer it back to you in a transformed state. The sterling silver chain is adorned with six sterling beads and is detachable at each end by way of a lobster claw clasp, so that both the spiral fob and the weight-stone orb can be worn separately as pendants, either together or separately if you desire. Or you can wear the whole pendulum as a dangling pendant.

All stones are genuine. Overall length of pendulum is 8". The detachable sterling silver chain is is 5" (including both clasps). Weight-stone measures 1". Fob measures 1 1/2". All measurements are approximate. The length of this pendulum is designed for optimal swing, however, if you'd like a longer chain, you can add 2" or 4" to the length by selecting "Longer/Longest Chain" from the options below (additional length is achieved with extra sterling chain links. The number of beads in the chain will be unchanged). Chain, clasp, fob and connectors are sterling silver. Please note: As these are natural stones, depth of color, translucence, size, and patterns in each stone will vary. These Lapis orbs are a lovely blue and you can expect that each will have a modest amount of natural inclusions of pyrite (silvery/gold glints) and possibly calcite (white and/or grey clouds or streaks).

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the crown, brow and throat chakras. A highly vibrational stone, it was prized by the ancient Egyptians as the key to spiritual attainment. Lapis acts as a strong thought clarifier and a harmonizer of body, mind and soul. It connects with deep inner knowledge and facilitates honesty and creativity. Used to gain objectivity, self-awareness and self-expression, Lapis promotes enormous serenity. It opens the third eye, stimulates enlightenment, and enhances psychic abilities and personal spiritual power.

Garnet inspires love, devotion, and self-confidence. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, rids you of unconscious self- sabotage, and fortifies courage and hope. Red Garnet is attuned to the heart. It revitalizes loving feelings, and helps you control anger, including self anger.

Carnelian activates the base and navel chakras. It grounds and anchors us in the now. Carnelian improves one's analytical abilities, clarifies perception and helps awaken your hidden talents and gifts. It protects against anger, envy and resentment. Carnelian helps you overcome negative conditioning and fear and promotes courage. A high energy stone, Carnelian can remove the fear of death. It is a stone of creativity and inspiration, awakening curiosity and helping with shyness. Carnelian can also be used to enhance astral vision and help stop nightmares.

Citrine carries in it the power of the sun. It is warming, energizing and highly creative. It absorbs and grounds all types of negative energies. Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it attracts abundance, wealth, success, and prosperity. If you have a "wealth corner" in your house, Citrine would be at home there. It will also help you share what you already have while you continue retain your wealth. Citrine protects and energizes the aura. It is a stone of manifestation, helping to manifest individuality, creativity, self expression, and it helps with mental concentration. Emotionally, Citrine relieves depression, self-doubt, and anger. It is a great stone for calming group or family discord. It helps raise self esteem and enhances motivation, while making one less sensitive to otherwise harshly-felt criticism. Citrine helps balance emotions, promotes joy and helps overcome a fear of responsibility. Citrine is a natural cleansing stone and can be used to cleanse and balance other crystals. Citrine itself never needs to be cleansed.

Peridot opens, cleanses and activates the heart and solar plexus chakras. It alleviates jealousy, resentment, stress, and anger. It illuminates the path to forgiveness. Peridot sharpens the mind and opens you to new levels of awareness. It detoxifies negative emotions, soothes nervousness, and heals pain and suffering. Peridot can be used to promote sleep or get rid of lassitude. It alleviates depression, helps your self esteem, and can help bring about necessary changes in your life. This stone helps you detach from outside influences, favoring your own higher energies for guidance. Peridot can help you understand your destiny and spiritual purpose. It enhances personal confidence, allowing you to be assertive without being aggressive. It helps you see your own light and to recognize that you deserve to be loved. Peridot also represents financial success.

Aquamarine harmonizes with its surroundings, counteracting dark forces with courage. It promotes tolerance and lightens the burdens of heavy responsibilities. It sharpens intuition, enhances clairvoyance, and promotes higher states of spiritual awareness. It facilitates clear and honest self-expression, and helps align the physical and spiritual bodies.

Amethyst is associated with the brow and crown chakras. It is a healing, calming, spiritual stone that purifies the aura, enhances mental focus, memory and dreams. Some call it the "sobriety stone." Amethyst can help one overcome overindulgence and addictions. It is also an excellent healing stone for someone dealing with emotional loss or grief. Amethyst is also used to purify other crystals.

This piece is so pretty and unusual you will want to wear it. There are four great benefits to wearing your pendulum: 1. You'll have a pendulum close at hand, ready to use whenever you need one. 2. By keeping it close to your heart, the stone becomes tuned your rhythms and energy. 3. Receive the benefit of the stone's natural healing energy while you wear it. 4. It's beautiful! Show it off. Let it accentuate your personal style. Here's how: This piece has a clasp that allows you to detach the weight-stone from the chain so you can wear it as a pendant - simply by slipping it onto your own neck chain or satin cord. Or you can wear the whole piece by using a pendulum-to-pendant adapter (see related items below) or simply by threading a neck chain or cord through one of the links in the pendulum's chain and letting both ends dangle.

This pendulum is made with sterling silver and contains no base metal parts. Sterling silver is a beautiful and durable alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which conducts energy well - and pendulums are all about energy. Pendulums made with sterling silver are more sensitive to subtle energy vibrations than those that are constructed with base metals (alloys that use nickle, zinc, lead, and/or tin). Caring for your sterling silver is easy. If worn or used a lot, sterling will eventually oxidize and develop a lovely patina - a nice warm glow accentuated by darkened (tarnished) areas. You can either leave it this way, or if you prefer a bright and shiny surface, gently polish with a treated cloth to remove the oxidation. Never use abrasive cleansers or expose to salts. Store in a cool dry place.

Is this pendulum a gift? Add a lovely keepsake box and make it even more special. There are three styles to choose from - see picture below in "related items".

When you order this pendulum you also get these for free:

  • Drawstring carrying pouch
  • Weight-stone energy information
  • Pendulum energy cleansing instructions
  • Reusable sterling silver polishing pad
  • Laminated bookmark with detailed instruction on how to use a pendulum
Price: $65.00

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