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Red Lotus - Red Tigers Eye, Hematite, Marcasite and Sterling Silver Pendulum
Red Lotus - Red Tigers Eye, Hematite, Marcasite and Sterling Silver Pendulum
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The Lotus is a symbol of transcendence, beauty, purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The lotus grows from its muddy roots, up through the water, to blossom above the surface where it absorbs sunlight. This is a metaphor for the soul's journey and the human condition. We rise from the mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, to unfold in the warmth of the sun (enlightenment), unmuddied by our messy beginnings.

I've named this design the "Red Lotus". Its sterling silver fob (the fob is the holding piece) is a beautifully shaped lotus blossom that sits inside a teardrop border and is decorated with 21 lovely, faceted, sparkling marcasites. At the opposite end of the pendulum are three wonderfully chatoyant, faceted Red Tiger's Eye disks that are stacked up and set with lovely deco style sterling silver mounts at the top and bottom. This "stacked stone" is one of my favorite design innovations. With so much more surface area exposed, this configuration is a wonderful way to see and experience more of the stone's interesting markings and mesmerizing beauty. The unique layering of these weighty discs create a surprisingly strong, well balanced swing. The detachable sterling silver chain is adorned with accents of more Red Tiger's Eye (in smaller "stacks"), plus Hematite - all set with sterling silver mounts. You can detach the weight-stone to wear separately as a pendant if you like, or wear the whole thing as a dangling pendant.

All stones are genuine. Chain, clasp, and connectors are sterling silver. Overall length of pendulum is a hair under 9". The chain length is 6". Weight-stone (including mountings) measures 1 3/4" high by 5/8" wide. Fob is 1 1/8" high by 3/4" wide. All measurements are approximate. The length of this pendulum is designed for optimal swing, however, if you'd like a longer chain, you can add 2" or 4" to the length by selecting "Longer/Longest Chain" from the options below (additional length is achieved with extra sterling chain links. The number of beads in the chain will be unchanged). Please note: As these are natural stones, depth of color, translucence, size, and patterns in each stone will vary.

  • Tiger's Eye (also called Tiger Eye) is a stone of discernment, vitality, strength and grounding. It is highly protective and enhances one's stamina, integrity and mental clarity. Tiger's Eye helps you find common ground in negotiations or times of conflict, helps with blocked creativity, and provides an anchor for change.
  • Hematite is a strong grounding stone that counteracts confusion and helps overcome compulsions. It can be used to neutralize negativity and the ground energies of other crystals or stones it is near. It can improve memory, mental focus and concentration. Hematite can help neutralize and dispel anger. It balances mind, body, and spirit. Hematite helps build confidence and aids in allowing one to accept their mistakes and learn from them. Hematite is associated with the base chakra.
  • Marcasite is a grounding stone that transmutes scatteredness into mental clarity, and assists with concentration and memory. It encourages practicality, confidence, will power, boldness, and it facilitates sound sleep.

This piece is so pretty and unusual you will want to wear it. There are four great benefits to wearing your pendulum: 1. You'll have a pendulum close at hand, ready to use whenever you need one. 2. By keeping it close to your heart, the stone becomes tuned your rhythms and energy. 3. Receive the benefit of the stone's natural healing energy while you wear it. 4. It's beautiful! Show it off. Let it accentuate your personal style. Here's how: This piece has a clasp that allows you to detach the weight-stone from the chain so you can wear it as a pendant - simply by slipping it onto your own neck chain or satin cord. Or you can wear the whole piece by using a pendulum-to-pendant adapter (see related items below) or simply by threading a neck chain or cord through one of the links in the pendulum's chain and letting both ends dangle.

This pendulum is made with sterling silver and contains no base metal parts. Sterling silver is a beautiful and durable alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which conducts energy well - and pendulums are all about energy. Pendulums made with sterling silver are more sensitive to subtle energy vibrations than those that are constructed with base metals (alloys that use nickle, zinc, lead, and/or tin). Caring for your sterling silver is easy. If worn or used a lot, sterling will eventually oxidize and develop a lovely patina - a nice warm glow accentuated by darkened (tarnished) areas. You can either leave it this way, or if you prefer a bright and shiny surface, gently polish with a treated cloth to remove the oxidation. Never use abrasive cleansers or expose to salts. Store in a cool dry place.

Is this pendulum a gift? Add a lovely keepsake box and make it even more special. There are three styles to choose from - see picture below in "related items".

When you order this pendulum you also get these for free:

  • Drawstring carrying pouch
  • Weight-stone energy information
  • Pendulum energy cleansing instructions
  • Reusable sterling silver polishing pad
  • Sturdy bookmark with detailed instruction on how to use a pendulum
List Price: $92.00
Price: $83.99

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