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Om - Ceramic Potion Bottle
Om - Ceramic Potion Bottle
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An "Om" symbol surrounded by a lotus or sunflower border decorates both sides of this richly detailed ceramic potion bottle with tight-fitting cork. Attach a cord to its handles to wear as a pendant, talisman, or amulet. This sturdy, handcrafted, high-fired ceramic bottle is made in Peru and measures approximately 1 1/4" high, 1 1/4" wide and 1 1/8" thick.  It's the perfect size for tiny objects (notes, wishes, blessings, crystals, stones, fairy dust). It's glazed on the inside so it's also an excellent vessel for potions, fragrance, or essential oils.

The word "Om" (or "Aum") in sanskrit means 'sacred" and is said to be at the core of all creation. According to the Mandukya Upanishad, a collection of Hindu philosophical writings, the "Om" symbol represents past, present, and future all at once - as well as any and all aspects that exist outside of these three views of time. Om is the most chanted mantra of all mantras. The sound of Om is considered to be the sound of existence. If the whole universe is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy - then Om is the humming sound of this cosmic energy. Om is regarded as the original creative sound from which the entire universe was manifested. The sound of Om is called 'Anahat Nada', which means the "Unstruck Sound", or the sound that is not made by two things striking together.

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