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Chakra 1 Perfume Oil Chakra 2 Perfume Oil Chakra 3 Perfume Oil Chakra 4 Perfume Oil Chakra 5 Perfume Oil Chakra 6 Perfume Oil Chakra 7 Perfume Oil

Exclusive to Ask Your pendulum - Chakra Blossom Perfume Oils created here at Knowing the Soul, uses all natural ingredients - top quality essential oils and botanical extracts balanced and blended in a natural, light-weight, clear, moisturizing carrier oil that rolls on and smells like heaven.

To learn about chakras, visit our Chakra Energy Page (or click here to see AYP's Chakra Energy Pendulum Series).

Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy

There are many ways to balance your chakras and aromatherapy is an excellent tool for achieving energetic alignment. In the same way that a piano tuner uses a series of tuning forks to make adjustments to the strings in a piano, you can use a series of vibrational tools — those that share the chakras' natural wavelengths to activate and restore balance to your body’s energy system. Your “tuning forks” may take the shape of a candle, an affirmation or prayer, or an enchanting fragrance that elevates your sense of well-being. Using perfume oil as a chakra balancing tool is both powerful and flexible. You can use the oil solely as an aroma that you smell - or you can also apply it to your skin and allow its natural ingredients to absorb directly into your body’s cells.

How is "Perfume Oil" different from Perfume?

Both are used to deliver a scent to your skin, but Perfume and Perfume Oil are two different things - in composition, behavior, and cost.

Traditional Perfume contains alcohol and is made of chemical compounds, which are typically synthetic. The actual ingredients in perfume are never disclosed on the label by the manufacturer. When applied - sprayed or daubed - the chemical compounds (aldehydes) in perfume causes the scent they carry to hover - often several inches away from the wearer - creating a "scent bubble". People who are near the wearer will smell the perfume as they come into contact with the scent bubble. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates or necessarily enjoys the encounter. Those who have allergies, chemical sensitivities, and/or asthma can be adversely affected (sudden breathing difficulties, stinging eyes, itchy rash or hives, nausea, etc.) when exposed to these airborn fragrance chemicals.

In contrast, Chakra Blossom Perfume Oil is made with all natural ingredients. It contains NO alcohol, NO synthetics, and NO animal extracts (like musk, which comes from animal glands). The scents in Chakra Blossom Perfume Oils are created with top grade essential oils and extracts, and are entirely botanical - meaning they're derived only from plants. The name of each botanical used in the blend is clearly listed on the bottle's label. Chakra Blossom perfume oils are full of enchanting, exotic, inspiring fragrances, and they do not produce the "scent bubble" that traditional perfume does. When applied, you'll smell the fragrance of the perfume oil, but unlike chemical perfumes, your fragrance won't announce your presence before you arrive. In traditional perfume the "carrier" (the liquid that carries the fragrance) is alcohol. The carrier used in Chakra Blossom perfume oil is naturally pure, clear and odorless fractionated coconut oil (a natural coconut oil that has had all of its solids - which is the stuff that smells like coconut - distilled out). Unlike alcohol, a drying agent, fractionated coconut oil It leaves your skin moisturized, soft and kind of shimmery.

Chakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra OneChakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra TwoChakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra Three

There are no preservatives, dyes, or additives of any kind in Chakra Blossom perfume oils. The variety of colors you see in the different perfume oil blends are due to the natural colors of actual ingredients. For example, Blue Cypress essential oil, which is one of the fragrance elements used in the Chakra Five blend, is naturally blue in color and it lends a pale blue tint to the final product. Sea Buckthorn extract is naturally red-orange and it gives the Chakra Two perfume oil blend its lovely warm amber color.

Chakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra FourChakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra FiveChakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra SixChakra Blossom Fragrance Oil - Chakra Seven

One 5 mil bottle will last a couple of months with daily use. Because there are no movie star endorsements or fancy ad campaigns, the price of Chakra Blossom Perfume Oil is only a fraction of what you'd pay for traditional perfumes. With Chakra Blossom perfume oils, balance your chakras, save money, and smell wonderful!