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About AYP and Knowing the Soul

My name is Eva Joy Browning. Welcome to Ask Your Pendulum ( "AYP" for short), a website devoted to helping people connect to their intuition. I am an artist, pendulum/jewelry designer, photographer, and Reiki Master. My company, Knowing the Soul LLC, is licensed in the state of Washington and operates in the city of Everett, Washington. This site offers trustworthy information, how-to guides, metaphysical tools (such as pendulums), and other materials designed to enhance intuition, energetic balance, divine connection, healing, and joy. I believe that every individual possesses intuition, a natural faculty that many of us have forgotten how to use. I also believe that everyone has the right to easily obtain tools to nurture and foster intuitive development and that's why I created AYP.

With so many different ways to activate and access one's intuition, it can be hard to know where or how to begin. I recommend starting with a pendulum. It's a brilliantly simple device that's portable and easy to use. I've written a free "How-to" guide that walks you through the basics. With a little patience and some practice, you can teach yourself how to use a pendulum in minutes. The beauty of this tool is that the more you use it, the easier it is. Once you get familiar with using the path to your intuition, your ability to connect to it through other methods is enhanced (other methods being things like meditation, oracle or tarot card readings, energy healing, etc.).
Psychic Radar - Malachite and Sterling Silver

What's so special about an AYP pendulum?

I can honestly say that these are not ordinary pendulums. They are created for balance and beauty, made with loving intent from quality materials, with guaranteed quality craftsmanship. I personally design and create every pendulum at AYP. I make them "on demand", which means that the pendulum you buy is not created until you actually place the order for it*. When you buy an AYP pendulum, you aren't getting something that's been bounced around on a store display case or rack - handled by dozens of curious shoppers and exposed to chaotic energy spikes. Instead, AYP pendulums are created here in my studio, an environment that I intentionally keep peaceful, gentle, joyful, and positive. To enhance each pendulum's natural energies and encourage greater responsiveness, I cleanse its energy and bless it with Reiki just before shipping.

*When a pendulum design is brand new, the first order for the new design may receive the pendulum that was used to create the product photo.

There's a lot more than pendulums at AYP (Thank goodness!)

I specialize in creating pendulums or, as I like to call them, "compasses" for spiritual journey and evolution. But why stop at pendulums? I also make jewelry, pendulum charts, pendulum-to-pendant adapters (so you can wear your pendulum) and perfume oils. And I offer chakra stone sets, incense, as well as an ever-growing variety of really cool accessory items, such as pouches and bags, keepsake boxes, tarot, oracle, and angel decks, plus some beautiful natural stone wands and pocket stones.

To find out what's new here at Ask Your Pendulum, visit our Announcements page.

About the artist

Eva Joy Browning

Before I discovered pendulums, I often struggled to recognize my own inner voice. For most of my life, I found it difficult sort out intuition from external noise (so-called expert advice and/or guidance). It's hard to explain, but all that changed when I met a pendulum I just had to hold. Using a pendulum for the first time, I not only unveiled a wealth of inner wisdom, beauty, and spiritual connectedness I never knew I had, it also helped me discover my true calling, my mission in life— creating pendulums!

I found that with a pendulum in hand, accessing the higher self and connecting to the universe is effortless and always available. The result is my passion for pendulums, making them, using them, and spreading the word about their beautiful power. I only wish I had known about the true value of these amazing tools long ago.

I consider what I do a sacred task and I endeavor to create pendulums that are deserving of the work (and the joy) in the art of connecting to one's soul. My life-long fascination with geological and organic minerals, (i.e., crystals, gemstones, and rocks) has had a strong influence on my creative passion for pendulum making. Growing up in an area that is abundant with trees, flowers, wildlife, lakes, rivers, mountains, and with the Pacific Ocean just around the corner, I came by my love for nature's boundless and varied beauty honestly. The energy of these influences often find their way into my work in interesting and unique ways.

Red Lotus - Red Tiger's Eye, Hematite, Marcasite and Sterling silver

Enhancing energies

Beautiful, natural crystals and stones enhance your own energies and are filled with a rainbow of beautiful energy. One of the reasons I am so passionate about pendulums is because they offer endless opportunities to embrace the bounty of earth's natural treasures, including those from the sea. I've always been fascinated with natural gemstones - geological and organic. The natural energies that exist within these find their perfect home in my pendulums. As a pendulum owner, using a stone or crystal that is both beautiful and energetically matched to your own vibrations allows you optimize and enhance your intuitive gifts with nature's precious offerings.

I use a lot of natural quartz (clear, rose, smoky), amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, a wide variety of jaspers, moonstone, mother-of-pearl, pearl, agate, charoite, labradorite, larvikite, onyx, prehnite, garnet, citrine, tiger's eye, hematite, jade, obsidian, rhodochrosite, peridot, aventurine, seraphinite, scolecite, shugilite, and tourmaline, to name a few. With a couple of exceptions (such as opalite, goldstone, and swaroski crystal - all clearly identified as man-made), I don't use synthetic materials in my work.

When creating a pendulum design, I research the healing, mystic, and spiritual properties of each stone, and symbol. I then intuitively match them up with compatible energies. This produces beautiful and naturally, energetically balanced pendulums. They are balanced visually, kinesthetically, and energetically - within the stones themselves and in energies they foster within the user.

Energy cleansed and Reiki charged

I cleanse the energy of the stones in every pendulum and I recharge it with enduring healing "Reiki" energy before sending it out into the world. In my experience, this makes a pendulum more nimble and responsive from the start. Natural crystal and stone pendulums are energy absorbers and they need to be periodically cleansed and recharged. Cleansing is easy and will ensure that your pendulum keeps you connected to your true inner wisdom for a long, long time. Click here for info about how to cleanse stone energies.

Satisfaction guaranteed

I back all of my products with a satisfaction guarantee for the workmanship and authenticity of the materials I use. I create my pendulums with loving energy and I am happy to guarantee your satisfaction with each piece.

Please see the Customer Service page for specific details about AYP's guarantee and return policies.

Fair prices

AYP pendulum prices range from under $20 to over $250 and everything in between. My prices are calculated based on the cost of each pendulum's design elements and how labor intensive it is to create. It is understood that there are less expensive pendulums at other places. AYP exists to offer a quality alternative to those seeking something special in a pendulum.


I do everything I can to keep prices of my pendulums as low as possible, and because of this I do not mark prices up (the way jewelry store are known to do) - just to mark them down with "big discounts". Even so, there's always something on sale at AYP! Click here to see items now on sale.