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Love your pendulum? Wear it!

Use our Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter to transform your pendulum into a cascading pendant. Shown above is the AYP pendulum, "Synergy" (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Sterling Silver), suspended from a sterling silver Open Lyre Loop Adapter on an 18" Sterling Silver Ball style medium-weight neck chain. This attractive, simple little device, available now in two different types (shown below), slides onto a neck chain or cord of your choice and it allows you to to wear your pendulum as a cascading pendant. All AYP adapters are made of beautiful, durable, skin-friendly sterling silver.

Keep your your pendulum close to your heart and always at hand.

Open Lyre shaped loop adapter Unique Deluxe Sterling Silver Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapters Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapters

And we have a nice selection of sterling silver neck chains to use with your Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter:

Types of Sterlling Silver Neck Chains

Benefits of wearing your pendulum

  1. It enhances your intuition—by wearing it, you'll likely use it more often, which will help keep the channel between you and your higher self well traveled - free of obstacles, kind of like a garden path. Traversing it often keeps the weeds at bay.
  2. There's less chance that you'll misplace it, lose it, or run it through the washing machine (by accidentally leaving it in a pocket) because you know exactly where it is, easy to reach, easy to feel, easy to see (and be seen).
  3. By keeping it close to your heart, the pendulum attunes to your own rhythms and energy, making it more responsive and accurate - and this can be a huge advantage when you ask it questions.
  4. You get the benefit of nature's healing energies contained within the stones and/or crystals.
  5. A beautiful pendulum can accentuate your personal style. Show it off!

How to use the Lyre shaped Open Loop Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter

Open Lyre shaped loop adapter

  1. Place necklace's end loop through adapter's bail, allowing the adapter to slide to the center of the chain just as you would with a pendant. (Image above shows adapter on an oval link chain - sold separately.)
  2. Wear with opening of lyre shaped loop on left.
  3. Select a link in pendulum chain and slip it into the gap of the open lyre shaped loop, allowing both ends of the pendulum to dangle freely.
  4. To remove pendulum from the adapter, simply hold the adapter in one hand and lift the pendulum chain up and out of the gap in adapter's lyre shaped loop.

How to use the Lobster Clasp Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter

  1. Place the end of necklace chain through adapter's closed loop, allowing the adapter to slide to the center of the chain just as you would with a pendant.
  2. Put on the necklace - with adapter hanging at the center - design side facing out.
  3. Use your thumbnail to open adapter's clasp and hook it into a link in pendulum chain, allowing both ends of the pendulum to dangle from its connection point.
  4. To use pendulum, simply unhook it from the adapter's clasp. It is not necessary to remove the neck chain to use your pendulum.
    The Seer - Quartz, Moldavite, Sterling Silver Pendulum
    Open Lyre Loop

Pictured above: "Bridge of Light", Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver Pendulum suspended on sterling silver Snake chain using an Open Lyre Loop Pendulum-to-Pendant Adapter.