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Ways to Use Your Pendulum

EnlightenmentBridge of Light - Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver PendulumWhale Song - Snowflake Obidian, Blue Lace Agate and Sterling Silver PendulumMystic Light- Aqua Aura and Sterling Silver PendulumMoonbeam

Important NOTICE: The following information is copyrighted by Eva Browning, 2009-2015. Feel free to print out for personal use or to share with a small study group. If you want to reprint or republish this information - in whole or in part - you must first obtain my written consent. (If you would like to link this page no permission needed.)

What can you do with a pendulum?

Personally, I ask my pendulum questions all day long about everyday matters. But I call upon it for those larger, big-picture questions too. There's no limit to the type of issues a pendulum can help with. Below are some of the things you can do with your pendulum.In Dolphin Dreams

Click on a topic below to see detailed instructions

The following "Ways to use your Pendulum" are written by Eva Browning of Ask Your Pendulum

Bridge of Light - Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite and sterling silver handmade pendulum by AYP

Reading the Tarot (without actual Tarot cards)

Reading Tarot cards is wonderful way to achieve tremendous clarity, insight, and wisdom. But maybe you don't have a Tarot deck... or perhaps you just prefer to use your pendulum whenever possible (amen to that). Not to worry! You can can tap into the wisdom of the Tarot by using your pendulum and two-sided chart shown below. For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers, the chart below, and some Tarot knowledge or Tarot reference book. Click here for instructions on programming your pendulum. Also, before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

Ask Your Pendulum - Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum ChartSide 2 of the Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart

Above is a pendulum chart for reading the Tarot without actual cards. (You can click on the images to bring up a larger version which you can print out.) If you don't want to deplete your printer's ink cartridges - or don't have a printer, I've created a handy a laminated version of the chart available for purchase.

How to use: Lay the pie chart (side one - shown on the left) face up, flat on a table, hold your pendulum directly over the chart's hinge-point (the spot the arrow points at) and ask, "What is life's lesson today?" Wait for the pendulum to show you the card (or cards) that contain the answer. Your pendulum may begin in a circular or even an erratic swing. Be patient and it will eventually evolve into a directional swing - outwards from the point, over one or more wedges in the chart. When it settles into a consist ant directional swing above one wedge, it is indicating the card shown in that wedge.

You can use the images on side two (the chart image on the right) to take a closer look at a card(s) selected by side one to see if the image triggers something in your awareness. If you need to ponder it, you can isolate the image by covering up the other images with blank paper. You can also refer to your favorite Tarot book to get a handle on the implied meaning of the card as it relates to your question.

You can also verify the selected card, by placing side two face up and flat on a table. Locate the card in question and hold your pendulum about 1/2" above its image. If your pendulum is already programmed for yes/no answers, you can simply ask, "Is this the right card?" and watch for a yes/no/maybe answer. Another way to verify a card is to say "Confirm if this is the right card." If pendulum swings clockwise, it's verified (confirmed). If it swings counter-clockwise or is unclear and you'll want to go back to the side one chart to re-ask or even rephrase the question. You may have other questions than the example given here, such as, "Help me understand the significance of _______ (this could be an event or synchronicity that you want to explore the meaning of)". Whatever you can ask the cards, you can ask this chart. For more information about Tarot, please visit our Tarot page. We also have Tarot pendulums and Tarot Decks.

Vision of Love

Checking Polarity

This is a simple task that anyone can do. This is an interesting task that's not one of the common pendulum jobs we're used to – such as making selections, answering questions, and predicting outcomes.

"Polarity" is the direction of a magnetic or electric field. Our planet's polarity – its electromagnetic field - is an essential force that protects and affects all things living. This little pendulum exercise is a simple way to read your body's polarity and find out if its energy field is in harmony with the earth's energy field. Please note - this task is merely a little peek into a huge topic of study - and we are just dipping a toe in the water here.

What you need: a pendulum and your hands. The pendulum does not need to be programmed.

To check your body's polarity, there are two steps. Begin with both feet flat on the floor if possible and hold out your left hand, palm side up. With your right hand, hold on to your pendulum so that it hovers just above your open palm (but not touching the palm). The pendulum will likely swing either counter-clockwise or clock-wise. Make a note and then switch hands. Hold the pendulum above your open right palm and make note of the direction of that swing.

Reading the results: If you are in harmony with the earth's magnetic field, your right side will produce a clockwise (positive) swing and your left side a counter-clockwise (negative) swing. The right side of the body is associated with the positive side of the earth's magnetic field and the left, with the negative side. If you get a straight line swing, this indicates an equal presence of both positive and negative on the same side.

Now – what do you do with this information… Sometimes just trying out a little task like this is enlightening enough on its own and no further action is needed. But if you are hungry for more information on the topic of polarity and electromagnetic energy as it relates to the human body, "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden and David Feinstein is great place to start.

Sea of Meditation

Making Design Choices

When creating an environment, making good design choices can be very important to how that space ultimately makes us feel, think, and respond when we're in it. A pendulum is an excellent tool for helping with these choices.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that is programmed for yes/no answers. Click here for instructions on programming your pendulum.

To select a paint color, hold your pendulum over each paint swatch or paint container and one-by-one, ask "Is this the best wall color for (name of the space you're working on, such as my living room or my upstairs den)?" Do this for each one until you get a positive result.

You can use the same method for selecting fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, room layouts, floor treatments, prints or paintings, accessories, and even application tools and techniques. For items or choices too large or not in your possession, you can use photographs instead. Be sure to phrase each question so that it's as specific as possible. If you have a goal in mind when designing a space, include that in the question. For example, "Is this the most soothing wall treatment for my meditation corner?" or "Does this table placement provide a welcoming vibe to this room?"

Angel's Love

Detecting Unwanted or Negative Energies

Sometimes a room or even a whole house holds tight to negative vibes that we can't see, but we can definitely feel. We sense something is not right, but what is it? The energy from negative events may linger long past the event (such as a family quarrel or an illness). You can use your pendulum as an energy detective.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that is programmed for yes/no answers. (Click here for instructions on programming your pendulum.)

Before starting, it's a good idea to "cleanse" yourself so you don't contaminate the results. To cleanse your own energy, you can smudge yourself with sage smoke or envision a shower of white light cascading from just above your head. As you cleanse, you can say "Cleansing, purifying, divine light - find me, fill me, and free me of all negativity."

Next, program your pendulum's source. You can say, "I call upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only absolutely truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned." Then, alone, while standing or sitting in the room in question, ask your pendulum "Are there any negative or unwanted energies in this room?" Or you can ask "Are there energies or forces present that are not in alignment with my own?" If it's a big room, you may want to break it into sections. Look at your pendulum's response - yes/ no / or unclear? If it's yes, you may want to do an energy cleansing (see below). If the answer is at all unclear, it's possible that the very energies you are asking your pendulum to detect are obstructing the results. Interpret an unclear signal as "yes".

If you decide to do an energy cleansing* for the room, use your pendulum afterwards to see how successful you were. Ask the question again "Are there any negative or unwanted energies in this room?" If there are, change the wording of your question to get more clarity. You could say "Is there a particular item in this room that is holding on to negative energy?" Narrowing the field by asking increasingly more specific questions will allow you to focus in on the source of the trouble. It may be that the furniture layout itself is creating energetic tension that could be dissolved by moving a chair or table.

Click here for more information about energy cleansing.

*Recommended book: Sacred Space by Denise Linn

Bridge of Light - Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite and sterling silver handmade pendulum by AYP

Picking Out a Pet

A pet can bring much comfort, love, and joy into our lives. They accept us for who we truly are, flaws and all. I have a sweet little dog who sleeps on my feet while I work (not "at" my feet - literally "on" them) . I call him my "pendulum puppy" - partly because he helps me make pendulums, but also because he was actually selected with my pendulum. I've had other pets before, but this one is the most lovable dog ever and a perfect match for me and my family.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers and photos of the pets you are considering - just quick print-outs, one photo per pet, per sheet of paper. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

By the way, there's a reason to use photos instead of the actual animals. Assuming you are even able to get a puppy or kitten to keep still for more than a minute, holding your pendulum over it will give you a reading of the animal's energy, perhaps even its polarity - but this is not the time to ask the big question (Is this "the one" for me?). By using photos you'll be able to take a step back and be objective - something that will matter very much in the long run.

To begin, lay all of the photos face up on a flat surface. Hold your pendulum above each one and ask "Will this puppy (or dog, cat, kitten, etc.) be a good fit for this household?" Remove the photos that get "No" answers and put them in a reject pile. Same with the "Maybe" photos. With the remaining "Yes" photos, hold your pendulum above each and ask, "Of the choices in front of me, will this puppy be the best pet for me and for my family?" Feel free to tailor the questions to match your specific concerns. You may want to ask if the pet will be gentle with kids/grandkids. Will it be a good travel companion, etc.

Having noted the results, now take all of the photos (including the rejects and maybes), mix them up and lay them out - face down. Doing this will keep you from trying to predict the outcome since you can't see which is which. Repeat the questions above. You may be surprised to discover that the "No's" are still No's and the "Yes's" are still Yes's. What happens with the Maybe's? Do they change?

If there is no clear winner, you may not have found the right pet yet. When I did this selection process, it took three batches of photos to find my little foot warmer. It was well worth the effort.

The Peacock - Blue Green Kyanite and sterling silver pendulum

Checking the Validity of Advice

Every day we are given "helpful" information or advice by a variety of sources. Your pendulum is the perfect tool to determine if the advice is true, false, or even relevant to you.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

So let's say an acquaintance tells you about an expensive workshop that she recently attended. She said she thinks you should take it too – you'd really enjoy it – get a lot out of it. But money's tight and it's big commitment – it's also potentially a big opportunity. You're on the fence - what do you do? Ask your pendulum!

You can say, "Is it in my best interest to attend the ________ (name/title) workshop on _________ (date) at _________ (place)?" Be specific in your question. Include dates, locations, and instructor names if possible. You can also ask about the monetary aspect of it. For example - "If I enroll in this workshop, will this be the highest and best use of my $300?" Don't be afraid to ask big picture questions too. For example - "If I take this workshop, will it change my life?" What may have been true for the acquaintance might be quite different for you - and your pendulum is great way to help you sort that out.
Equilibrium - Hematite, Copper and Sterling Silver

Cleansing Divination Cards

Using divination cards (such as Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Goddess, Fairy, etc.) are wonderful ways to achieve tremendous clarity, insight, and wisdom. Cards are like many things in our physical world - each time we touch them they absorb our energy and the energy of the environment. And after a while, the energy build-up may hinder or skew the cards' readings or results. Here's a way to easily reset - or "cleanse" the energy in your cards using your pendulum. Note: Any pendulum will work, though amethyst, quartz, hematite, carnelian, and citrine are the best stones for this purpose.

For this task, you'll need a cleansed pendulum and your deck of cards. The pendulum does not need to be programmed.

Fan the cards out, face-up, across a flat surface. Hold your cleansed pendulum so that the suspended weight-stone is just about 2 inches above the cards. Give the pendulum a swing so that it has a side-to-side motion. Keeping this sideways swing going, slowly move the pendulum all the way across the fanned out cards. As you do this, envision the pendulum's movement casting a shimmering, cleansing white light across and through the cards. When you reach the end of the deck, your done! It's a good idea to cleanse the pendulum afterwards so it is ready to go again. Repeat as often as you feel necessary. If your cards get a heavy workout, you will want to do this frequently.


Understanding Sychronistic Events

A couple of seemingly random things happen on the same day, maybe within minutes of each other and they appear to be connected, but why?.... Is it coincidence? You've heard there is no such thing as coincidence, right? Synchronicity (seemingly unrelated events that are connected by a common thread) is the language the universe uses to send us messages. If we can decode the message, we stand to gain important insights. Typically these messages are protective, loving and healing in nature.

The universe is a great improvisor and will use whatever is on hand to get your attention- birds, cloud formations, songs on the radio, a sign written on a passing truck, or a penny on the ground. Whatever grabs your attention - or tries to, can be a piece of a puzzle that has a greater meaning than the individual parts.

Here's an example of a little synchronistic event I experienced one day driving on the freeway. I was headed to an appointment and I was running a little late. As I sped along, I suddenly realized that all of the cars around me - in front of me, on either side, and behind me were all white! (My car is also white.) What did this mean? Recognizing the pattern snapped me out of my hurry-up mode and forced me to pay attention. I looked down at my speedometer and realized I'd been speeding, so I immediately slowed down. It wasn't two miles later that I saw a white state patrol car alongside the road with a radar gun pointed directly at my car, which was now traveling at the speed limit. Was this a lucky break? No way. It was a symphony of synchronicity carried out by a group of unrelated white cars. It did not occur simply to warn me of the ticket I would have gotten, but I believe it had a greater message, alerting me to the hazard of driving too fast.

Some messages are less immediate and may require real contemplation. Next time you suspect synchronicity, (and you're not driving :)), ask your pendulum for clarity.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

  1. "Are these events (name them within the question) connected?"
  2. "Are these events (name them within the question) meant for me?"
  3. "Is the purpose of this message to enlighten me about a problem?"
  4. "Is the purpose of this message to remind me about the importance of love?"
  5. "Is the purpose of this message to help me achieve something?"
  6. "Is the purpose of this message to _________________?"

Once you get a lead on the purpose, you can start asking more specific questions. "Is this a message from my guardian angel?" or "Am I being cautioned not to take that trip next week?" or "Am I being reminded to call my sister today?"
Hope - Green Aventurine and Sterling Silver Pendulum

Predicting the Gender of an Unborn Baby

Pendulums have long been used to predict the gender of an unborn child. This method is still used today by mothers from all walks of life. Traditionally a pendulum for this particular use was made by stringing the mother's wedding ring onto a ribbon, thread, or strand of hair - but feel free to use a regular pendulum if you have one. Before beginning - first get the mother's permission to dowse. Then have her get comfortable - either seated or lying down. Hold the pendulum over her belly and wait for the pendulum's swing. A circular swing means the baby is a girl and a straight-line swing means it's a boy.

An alternate way to do this is to simply ask your pendulum "Is _______'s unborn child a girl?" (again - with permission). You can also use the pendulum to ask other relevant questions about the pregnancy, like what date the mother will deliver.
Dragon Fire - Carnelian and Sterling Silver Pendulum

Finding Car Keys (and other commonly misplaced items)

I am constantly looking for my car keys. I have a hook by the back door for my keys, but they're rarely on it. I also lose my cell phone and my reading glasses several times a day. The cell phone I can find by calling it - and the glasses - usually by sitting on them, but the car keys are more elusive. I think I'm not alone in this. If you need to find your stuff, here's how.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

For the sake of this example, we'll assume that you lost your keys at home. Now, envision what your keys look like. Focus on this image and start your search by asking, "Is now the right time to look for my car keys". Or you can say, "Do my car keys want to be found right now?" If you get a "no", maybe there's a reason you lost them in the first place and you may want to explore that aspect before proceeding with your search. Otherwise, assuming you got a yes, then ask, "Are my car keys inside this house (or apartment)?". If the answer is yes, you can find them by narrowing it down two ways:

  1. Yes/No Questions
  2. Directional Swing

If you have more than one floor in your home, ask which floor. For example - while on the first floor, ask "Are my car keys on this floor?" If the answer is no - move to the next floor and ask the question again. Once you have the floor established, you can identify which the room the keys are in. "Are my car keys in the family room (or bedroom, etc.)?" When you get a yes, go to that room and while standing at its entrance, ask your pendulum to show you which direction to go. Say "Show me which direction my car keys are in". A straight-line swing is what you're looking for and it will point the way*. Follow it's direction and then ask, "Am I standing near my car keys?" If the answer is no, ask your pendulum to show you which direction to go again. You can ask clarifying questions, such as "Am I facing the direction that my keys are in?" or "Are my car keys inside or underneath something?"

Another option is to use a drawing of your home. Sketch the layout of the rooms and holding your pendulum at the bottom or side of the drawing, say "show me which room the car keys are in." Again, you're looking for a straight-line swing here. If it swings over more than one room in the drawing, ask a clarifying question, such as "Are my car keys in the kitchen?"

*If you get a circular swing when you ask for a directional swing, there may be an obstruction or energetic barrier between you and the keys. You can move further into the room and ask for a directional swing again. If the pendulum continues to do a circular swing, this is not the right room (or perhaps not the right time to search?) and you need to repeat the first few steps.

Unicorn's Moon

Can I trust you?

I have a trusting nature. I like this about myself. But I realize sometimes I need to be more aware of how or why I've placed my trust. Trust is truly an essential aspect of being. As a cornerstone of our personal foundation, it's critical that we are able to trust and be trusted. With trust we can soar, without it - we wobble and tip. But how do we place trust? How do we earn it? Who gets our trust and who doesn't? I'm a big fan of listening to the voice within - of tuning into the wisdom of the higher self. We all have one - a higher self. It's our greatest free resource, our very own secret weapon. You can "tune in" to yours in many ways - including using your pendulum. Figuring out who and what to trust is a great task for your pendulum.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

Here's a good question about trust to ask your pendulum, "Is it in my best interest to trust ________ (name the person or company)?" or "Is ________ (name of person or company) worthy of my trust?" Ask your pendulum if you have the whole story. You can say, "Do I have all the information that I need about _______ (name the specific topic) to make my decision?" or "Are there important factors missing from this proposal?" If there's a document involved, hold your pendulum over the document as you ask the question. You can even double the check the facts you've been given - for example, you could ask "Is it true that this product has no more than a .5 % failure rate?"

Bridge of Light - Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite and sterling silver handmade pendulum by AYP

Selecting a Small Object using a Rainbow Arch

It's easy to select objects when you have your pendulum handy. Before starting, be sure to program your pendulum's source to your higher self.

A good way to make a selection from several small objects is to lay them out in front of you in an arched fashion - like a rainbow that meets the horizon on both sides (two pots of gold!). Another way to think of this layout is to envision the top half of a wagon wheel with you at the wheel's center - the rainbow arch runs along the rim of the wheel and the hub of the wheel is where you will hold your pendulum.

Let's say you want to select a stone or crystal to carry in your pocket today - something that will provide you with just the right kind of energy. Lay out the stones in a rainbow arch. As you hold your pendulum above the center of the rainbow's horizon line (or the wheel hub), you can ask your pendulum, "Which stone will help me the most today?" Give it some time - the pendulum may need to do a few warm-up passes before it's ready. When it settles into a direction, it's swing will point to or pass over the object. If you wish, you can verify the result by holding the pendulum over just that one stone and ask, "Is this the best stone for me to carry today?" If the pendulum doesn't give you a straight-line but instead does a clockwise swing - it's telling you any or all are suitable. If you get a counter-clockwise swing - then its a no on all of them.

You can do this with a wide variety of objects: essence oils, incense, jewelry, coins, food ingredients, etc. - anything that you can line up into a rainbow arch.

True Awareness - Kyanite and Sterling Silver

Checking Your Chakras (method 1)

A "Chakra" is a spinning portal into the body's complex energy system. The body has hundreds of chakras. We are going to focus on the major seven chakras here. Chakras influence all aspects of our well-being - vitalizing the physical body and facilitating the development of self. One of the most enlightening ways to use your pendulum is to assess the state of your chakras.

To do this task you'll need a pendulum and the assistance of another person. In order to get a accurate results, it's essential that both you and your assistant free your minds of any expected outcomes. Lie down on your back and have the assistant hold a pendulum a few inches above your body at each chakra location (see picture), systematically writing down the direction and size of the pendulum swing for each. Ideally, each chakra will be "open" and produce a swing of approximately the same size throughout. More likely, there will be some differences among the chakras. Identifying these that can help you pinpoint imbalances or blockages.

For more detailed information and a diagram of the seven major chakras, click here to visit the Chakra Energies page.

Keep in mind that the chakras are constantly adjusting as they go through different phases of opening and closing - adjusting and realigning to the overall body's ever-changing energy flows. An open chakra is good, but a closed one is not necessarily bad. It's a function of the body's energy system to vary the energy that flows through these portals. There are times when a closed chakra is necessary to the overall health of the individual as it processes issues related to that chakra.

Here's how to interpret the pendulum's readings:

  • a. Clockwise movement: chakra is open, energy is balanced and flowing freely.
  • b. Counterclockwise movement: chakra is closed or closing, energy is restricted, out of balance, or blocked.
  • c. Straight Line (either direction): chakra is partially open, energy is imbalanced or has a partial blockage.
  • d. Elliptical movement: chakra has a right/left side imbalance, energy is flowing but out of balance on one or both sides.
  • e. No movement: chakra is blocked, no energy is moving through the chakra.

The Light Beyond - Rose Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite and Sterling Silver

Your Pendulum can also be your Talisman

A Talisman is a small object that you carry with you to bring protection, good luck and/or, good energy. Talismans are often a kind of amulet worn at the neck or carried in a pocket. Years ago, when I was a kid, a popular talisman was a rabbit's foot. I have to admit, I had one myself - though looking back on it now this seems incredibly creepy (and I have since made peace with the rabbit). In truth, a talisman can be anything from a lucky pair of socks to a special coin or pendant - and even your favorite pendulum!

To initiate your pendulum as a talisman, you can just say that it your talisman, and that's that. Or you can actually bless it and specify the properties you want it to have. To do this, hold in your hand, let it warm to your body's temperature and say "May this pendulum bring me good fortune, peace, and clarity (or whatever qualities you seek in your talisman). Make sure that the properties you bless it with are consistent with it's other task - that of being a truthful wisdom seeker. Then just keep it with you - always close at hand.

Using a Chart for Multiple Choice Decisions

You may not be able judge a book by it's cover... but your pendulum can! You aren't limited to "yes/no" questions if you use a chart. Here's an example - Use your pendulum to pick out a book.

When you have a multiple choice decision like this, you need to be able arrange the options in a way that allows your pendulum to show you the answer. If you have the books there in front of you, you can use the Rainbow Arch method (Way #11), otherwise use a chart.
Ask Your Pendulum - blank Pendulum Chart
Pictured here is a blank pendulum chart. Click on it to bring up a larger version that you can print out - or if you prefer, draw your own - using the one here as an example. Then, of the books you're considering, write the title and author of each book into a the pie slice. If there are more pie slices (there are 14 on this chart) than books, leave blanks in between. Avoid clumping them all to one side - distribute the choices evenly across the chart. If there are more books than pie slices, divide them into groups and make multiple charts. Before starting, be sure to program your pendulum's source to your higher self.

Now hold your pendulum over area indicated by the the arrow and ask your question, which will depend on your objective in selecting the book. Here are some examples of possible questions you might be asking:

Which of these books will...

  • serve my needs best at this stage of my life?
  • provide me the most reading enjoyment?
  • provide the most valuable, most relevant business skills?
  • contain the recipes for foods I'm able to cook and really like?

Of course, this chart is not limited to selecting books. You can use it for anything you want. Keep some extra blanks on hand for life's many multiple choice decisions.

Don't want to waste paper? I've created a handy laminated hard copy of this chart! And it comes with its on own dry erase marker for repeated use.

Widening the Path

I'd like to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. I call this one "widening the path". You see, every time you use your pendulum this is what you're doing. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful garden through which you wander - wander and ponder important things. As you wander, you are creating a path. Each time you move through the garden this path widens and becomes easier to traverse - and the beauty and fruits of the garden more accessible.

The metaphorical path I am talking about here is the one that leads to your higher self. Just like an earthly garden with all kinds of greenery - some invited, some not - the path to your higher self needs attention. Travel it often and the weeds and thorny vines are kept at bay. Neglect it and they make movement difficult. Each time you use your pendulum and connect to the higher self you push the weeds back and widen the path. This generalizes to all things intuitive and spiritual. Using a pendulum will increase your abilities and effectiveness in other intuitive areas, such as meditation, healing arts, psychic vision, astral travel, tarot reading, etc.

Second Sight

Identifying Your Resonant Color

Color is a form of visible light. It's electromagnetic energy and each color has a different wave length. Color has the power to affect our emotional state, mental focus, inner balance, and physical health. The intentional use of color has been studied for decades and it has a huge variety of applications. Color therapy, also known as "chromotherapy" is a type of energy healing. According to chromotherapy, each of us has a particular color to which our true self resonates. It is called our resonant color and it differs from person to person. You can use a pendulum to determine what your resonate color is.

For this task, you'll need a piece of white paper, markers or pens in these 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple, and pink. And you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers. For this exercise, I recommend a neutral color pendulum - such as colorless quartz, black onyx , black obsidian, or hematite. Also, you'll want to get real relaxed for this one - perhaps do a little meditation before beginning.

With each one of the colored pens, write your name on the piece of paper - leaving space in between each color. (If you don't have the colored pens - you can create this personal color sheet on a computer and print it on a color printer.) Place the paper on a flat surface in front of you and hold your pendulum just above each color and ask "Is this my resonate color?" Slide the paper up or down as you go to move to the next color. The one that produces the largest "yes" is your resonate color. Don't be surprised if it turns out to be different from your "favorite" color. When you know your resonant color you can use this information to enhance your natural vibrational energy. Surround yourself with your resonant color. Keep it mind when you buy clothes or pick out furnishings or objects for your environment. This doesn't mean that you only want the resonant color in your life. You'll want to be sensitive to the power that the other colors may have on you too. You can use the same technique to determine which color you are lacking or deficient in.

Gauging Potency

Is that baking powder I bought 3 years ago still good? Should I replace this old dried oregano? These vitamins are kinda past their pull date, maybe I should throw them out... These are questions about potency. You can gauge the potency or strength of an item with your pendulum. For example - I don't bake a lot. In fact some of the baking ingredients in my cupboard have been there since the dawn of time. Molasses doesn't matter, but what about things that don't improve with age? Figuring out if the bread yeast still has its mojo - before I throw it into the mix - would be really helpful. I need to gauge its potency.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that's programmed for yes/no answers. Before beginning, be sure you state the source for your pendulum's answers.

So here's how to check the potency of an item: Hold your pendulum over the item and say, "Show me the potency level." A clockwise swing will show that it still has some umph. The size of the swing will tell you how much. A big swing - fully potent. A weak swing - just a little potent. If you get a counter-clockwise swing or no movement at all - it's dead and you should discard it. This works on all kinds of stuff - not just food ingredients, vitamins or drugs - try it out on fragrances, energy stones, plant seeds, or anything that might vary in it's strength or degrade over time.

Share the Joy - Spread the Light

Well, believe it or not, this is one of the most powerful ways you can use your pendulum - to share what you know about it with others. The true power of a pendulum lies within each of us. This simple little tool allows us to connect with the higher self - a place where wisdom thrives and the universe lights with love. I believe that if every person on this planet connected - or at a minimum, simply knew that they could if they wanted to - this world would absolutely be a better place. Sharing what you know about pendulums helps us all. When you share your knowledge, you empower others to access their inner light as well.

Use a Map

Maps are great for all kinds of things including dowsing! Next time you have a geographical question, use your pendulum and a map. Any kind of map will work. You just need to be able to lay it out flat in front of you. If you can't find the map you want - draw your own. There are two keys to using a map for dowsing:

  1. Select a map that has only as much area as you are considering. Don't use a world map if you are looking at an area that doesn't cover the world.
  2. Once you have your map, you'll want the pendulum to be able to swing from a single point. This is called the "hinge point". Pick out a good hinge-point for the pendulum to work from. This is usually off to one side, or at the bottom or top of the map. Place a dot or an "X" there.

For example - I want to go to Hawaii for vacation. Since there are several islands to choose from, I want to pick out the one that is most suitable for my family. I have a map that shows all of the islands (and but nothing else). I set my hinge point off to the side (I put a big "X" on the picture to show where my hinge point is).

I will hold my pendulum over the X and say "Show me the island that is the best choice for my family's vacation this summer." Since Hawaii has seasonal weather, I know I will get even better results if I provide a specific time window. Once I get my answer, if necessary I can clarify by asking yes/no questions. "Is Maui the best choice for our vacation?" Optionally, I can then switch to a map of Maui and start narrowing my search for the specific area on the island.

You can use this technique for anything geographic. Questions about where a lost pet might be found, or where to relocate, go to school, set up a business, you name it. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have an interesting or inspirational way to use your pendulum? Would you like to share it with the world? If so, please contact Eva Browning regarding having your "way" posted here. Thank you!!

Discover Your Guides

"Many of us grew up hearing about guardian angels. The idea that someone or something was watching over gave me a sense of comfort. While studying and practicing the spiritual arts, I became aware of "helpers" around me: not just angels, but souls who were close by to offer guidance when asked. I refer to these souls as guides. I believe we all have at least one and, in some cases, several." ~ Cathy Tigges, CTACC

At the request of Ask Your Pendulum, the following "Way to use your Pendulum" has been graciously provided by Cathy Tigges, CTACC, intuitive spiritual healer, inventor of the Soul Healing Technique and author of "You Can Talk to the Other Side", a workbook designed to help you unlock your intuition and contact departed loved ones.

You can obtain the names and gender preference of your guides by using the Guides Chart (below), list of questions (also below), and a pendulum.

For this task, you'll need a pendulum that is programmed for yes/no answers – though save out the clockwise signal (don’t use for yes, no, or maybe) as it has a special purpose in this exercise. Click here for instructions on programming. In addition to the standard Yes/No/Maybe signals, you will also need to program your pendulum for a "Clearing Action" signal using the clockwise circle. This signal will indicate that Spirit is clearing something as per your request. The Clearing Action may be to eliminate blockages to using the pendulum, raising your guides to the highest level of consciousness, removing negative energies, etc.

Guides Chart
Click on chart to download in PDF format. You can print it out to use in this exercise.

State your intention: "I ask that Source surround and protect me during this process and anytime I am using a pendulum. I request that my two major guides be assigned at this time. I ask that my guides be elevated to the highest level of consciousness and downloaded with the latest knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the highest level of consciousness. I ask that they stay with me during the process of discovering them and anytime thereafter when they are called upon."

Use the following questions to ask your guides to come forward or be assigned, and be present as you read how to obtain their names and become familiar with them.

1. Ask: "Do I have guides?" YES [____] NO [____]
If you get no, ask that your guides be assigned to you and then repeat the question.

2. Ask: "Do I have more than two guides?" YES [____] NO [____]
If you get yes, ask that you are assigned only two guides, who are at the highest level of consciousness and can be most helpful for your soul. Repeat the question.

3. Ask: "Do I have only two guides?" YES [____] NO [____]
If you get no, ask that only your two major guides remain assigned to you and that all other guides be released. Repeat the question.

4. Ask again: "Do I have only two guides?" YES [____] NO [____]
If you get yes, move on to number five. If you get no, ask that any blockages by you, your subconscious, angels, or any entity or energy that prevents you from obtaining this information be cleared. Repeat the question.

5. State: "I ask Source to please elevate my guides to the very highest level of consciousness." The pendulum may go into clearing action.

6. State: "Please remove and clear any extra, hidden, multiple, and attached souls from me and my guides." The pendulum may go into clearing action.

7. State: "Please update and download my guides with new wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the highest level of Source consciousness." The pendulum may go into clearing action.

8. State: "Please clear all entities and souls coming through with negative energy or blockages that would prevent me from receiving clear, concise, and loving contact as I am working my pendulum." The pendulum may go into clearing action.

Using the Chart above:
9. Hold your pendulum over the bottom center half circle on the Guides Chart.

10. Say to your guides, "I am going to ask you to spell your names using the pendulum and the chart. If your name is too long or complicated for me to understand, please abbreviate or give me a nickname with less than twelve letters."

11. Say to your guides, "Please spell the name of guide one, showing me one letter at a time." After the pendulum points to each letter, stop the pendulum action and confirm by repeating the letter and asking, "Was the letter ___?" If you get a no response, repeat that step for that letter. Each time a letter is confirmed, write the letter down.

a. Guide One Name: ____ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Say to your guides, "Please spell the name of guide two, showing me one letter at a time." After the pendulum points to each letter, stop the pendulum action and confirm by repeating the letter and asking, "Was the letter ___?" If you get a no response, repeat that step for that letter. Each time a letter is confirmed, write the letter down.

b. Guide Two Name: ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

12. If a name is too difficult to pronounce, take some of the letters given and create a nickname, then ask the guide if this nickname is suitable or ask the guide to point out letters for a nickname that humans would be able to pronounce.

a. Guide One Nickname: _____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

b. Guide Two Nickname: _____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

13. After you have the names, say to your guides, "I would like your gender. Please show me by pointing to either male on the left top side of the Guides Chart or female on the right top side of the Guides Chart." If either guide indicates gender neutral, by not pointing to either the left or right, remind the guide that on Earth, it's preferable for us to have a reference point of being able to use he or she, and then ask again.

a. Guide One Gender: _____________________

b. Guide Two Gender: _____________________

NOTE: You can obtain more information about your guides by using the Guides Chart. For example: ask if their last incarnation was on Earth, what their line of work was, if they were married, if you knew each other in a past life, etc. The better you and your guides know one another, the more successful you will be when working with your them.
Troubleshooting: If the pendulum doesn't go into the appropriate action:
• Confirm that only your two major guides are assigned, and all other extra souls or energies have been removed.
• Confirm that there are no blockages to using a pendulum with the Guide Chart.
• Confirm that there are no hidden or attached souls.

If you still encounter a problem getting the appropriate pendulum response, ask that two new guides be assigned, and then repeat the steps.

NOTE: Don't be alarmed if you have to repeat this process. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to get guides assigned that are best suited for the individual. Guides are souls with personalities and free will too, so they want to be assigned to the right person for them as well.

If you'd like to know more about connecting with your spirit guides, angels and/or departed loved ones, please visit Cathy Tigges' site at

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