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Tapping into the Wisdom of the Tarot

The Tarot is a beautiful, traditional, intuitive tool - taking its form as a deck of cards, rich with symbols and centuries-old teachings designed to help one achieve wisdom and clarity. The origin of Tarot is mysterious and it has been reinterpreted many times over the years producing is a broad range of Tarot decks, teachings, and interpretations of the enduring, symbolic elements of wisdom.

Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart

Ask Your Pendulum - Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum ChartSide 2 of the Tarot Major Arcana Pendulum Chart

Shown above is a two sided pendulum chart I designed for reading the Tarot. This handy a laminated chart is also available for free download here.

Tarot is for us all of us

The wisdom of the Tarot is for anyone who yearns to understand their path and the world that surrounds them. It is a way to spiritual, metaphysical, and practical wisdom. Once feared, the Tarot is now used by many to connect with the divine. I study the Tarot daily and find tremendous insights in these beautiful cards. They never lie to me and always urge me on - to discover more, to understand deeper, to see the big picture and to not lose sight of the details along the way. The wisdom of the Tarot is a true gift that humanity has given to itself. I believe it is here for us all.

AYP Tarot Truth Limited Edition Pendulums

I find the wisdom of the Tarot to be truly inspiring – inside and out. As an artist I crave inspiration – it's the thing that provides meaning to my work. I've created a limited edition series that draws upon the wisdom and truth of the Tarot. You don't need to be a Tarot expert to connect with these special pendulums! Tarot is for everyone - even if you don't read the cards.

See all 22 "Tarot Truth" Pendulums
Tarot Truth PendulumsTarot Truth PendulumsTarot Truth Pendulums

Just like any other pendulum I make - the Tarot Truth pendulums are tools for connecting to your inner wisdom, for personal growth, and exploring the realm of truth and beauty. They just happen to be inspired by a set of meaningful symbols and energies that have for centuries, stood the test of time. The Tarot is based on ancient wisdom, yet it is more relevant now (in my humble opinion) than any modern tool our busy world throws our way. One of the things I noticed about the Tarot is that everyone seems to have a favorite – a special essence (Major Arcana) that you identify with or want to emulate.

Record your Tarot Readings

To any Tarot Reader, serious or casual, keeping track of readings can be important. Using a preprinted record sheet is an easy way to visually record the reading's cards as well your interpretation of the reading. A Tarot reader myself, I rely heavily on my preprinted record sheets. On one side of the paper I jot down the cards in their actual spread placement, and on the other side, my interpretation of each card. I frequently refer back to previous readings to look for patterns or hints and outcomes. I love my record sheets and am happy to share them here.

Tarot Card Spread

Get free Adobe Acrobat ReaderClassic Celtic Cross (10 card spread)

Get free Adobe Acrobat Reader Relationships (7 card spread)

Each file consists of two pages - a front and a back page. It's helpful if you can print them using both sides of the paper. Also, there's enough space along the left side for a 3 hole punch so you can keep it them a binder.

Get free Adobe Acrobat ReaderThese files are in PDF format, so Adobe's free Acrobat Reader is required to view or print them.

This material is copyrighted by Knowing the Soul LLC, but individual users are hereby granted permission to print them freely for personal use.

For any other use that involves reprinting or republishing these Tarot record sheets, for anything other than personal use, please request permission first by contacting Your request will be receive immediate attention. (I promise.) Thank you in advance.

Using a pendulum to cleanse Tarot and divination cards

Using divination cards (such as Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Goddess, Fairy, etc.) are wonderful ways to achieve tremendous clarity, insight, and wisdom. Cards are like many things in our physical world - each time we touch them they absorb our energy and the energy of the environment. And after a while, the energy build-up may hinder or skew the cards' readings or results. Here's a way to easily reset - or "cleanse" the energy in your cards using your pendulum. Note: Any pendulum will work, though amethyst, quartz, hematite, carnelian, and citrine are the best stones for this purpose.

Fan the cards out, face-up, across a flat surface. Hold your cleansed pendulum so that the suspended weight-stone is just about 2 inches above the cards. Give the pendulum a swing so that it has a side-to-side motion. Keeping this sideways swing going, slowly move the pendulum all the way across the fanned out cards. As you do this, envision the pendulum's movement casting a shimmering, cleansing white light across and through the cards. When you reach the end of the deck, your done! It's a good idea to cleanse the pendulum afterwards so it is ready to go again. Repeat as often as you feel necessary. If your cards get a heavy workout, you will want to do this frequently.