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Free Resources

This site offers a lot of useful information you can find in the Information / Resource pages here at AYP. Each page has valuable, FREE (copyrighted by AYP) information. Below is a list of the pages and a brief description of what they hold.

Gemstone/Crystal/Stone Energy Information

Natural Gemstone Energy Information

This is an alphabetical listing that lets you look up specific gems and stones by name so you can find out about their energetic attributes and which stones are best for your purposes.

If you'd like to browse the products on AYP based on a particular stone type, here's simple list of links to all the stones I use.

Pendulum Charts

Find out how charts work, what you can use them for and how to make your own. AYP also has a nice selection of charts that you can either download for free or purchase.

Chakra Energy Information

Chakra ChartChakra ChartChakra ChartChakra ChartChakra ChartChakra ChartChakra Chart
Learn about chakra energy, find out how to check the status of your chakras, and download a free pendulum chakra chart.

Energy Cleansing Instructions

Periodically cleansing the energy in your stones, pendulums, jewelry, divination and/or healing crystals will make them more responsive and bring out their full potential. Learn how to safely cleanse energy nine different ways.

How to Use a Pendulum

Teach yourself how to use a pendulum with my easy to use, complete step by step guide.Column of Light - Ametrine, Gemstone and Sterling Silver Pendulum

Pendulum Tips and Pendulum Troubleshooting

Is your pendulum acting wonky? Can't figure out what you're doing wrong? Check out the AYP tips/troubleshooting page for some very useful pendulum help.

In Dolphin Dreams

Ways to Use Your Pendulum

Here's a helpful list of some way-cool, really useful ways to use your pendulum.

Moonbeam Moonstone and sterling silver pendulum

Why the Metal in Your Pendulum Matters

When using a pendulum you're working with energy and light. Find out which metals are best suited to pendulums and why.

Symbols, Totems, and their meanings

AnkhOmSunTriskeleYin YangCladdagh

Symbols are images or concepts that represent something greater the symbol itself. A symbol is something we use as a stand-in for words, ideas, emotions, and/or events. We live in a symbol-rich world. I use symbols every day in my design work. I research their meanings, origins and history before using them my pendulums and jewelry. Here's a page full of symbols and their meanings.



Learn how to use a healing wand.


Download free pendulum charts and Tarot reading record sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what have other people asked about. You might be wondering the same thing...


What is intuition? What is does Divination mean? And what the heck is Radiesthesia? Check the AYP Definitions page to expand your metaphysical vocabulary.