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Use the list below to search for products that resonate with a particular Chakra. If you're interested in learning more about the chakras, please visit our Chakras page.

See the Chakra Energy Pendulum Series here.

Chakra Information and Affirmation Cards by Knowing the Soul

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Products that resonate with all seven chakras


7. Crown
Connection to the universe, wisdom, awareness, consciousness, spirituality, meaning, inner joy, peace, and wholeness


6. Brow - also known as Third Eye
Intuition, perception, imagination, insight, visualization, discovery, memory, synchronicity, clairvoyance, psychic gifts, dream recall


5. Throat
Communication, honesty, seeking and speaking the truth, self-expression, personal integrity, listening, rhythm, timing, creative expression


4. Heart
Compassion, love, gratitude, forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance, intimacy, empathy, relationships, devotion, generosity, altruism


3. Solar Plexus
Vitality, self-esteem, confidence, self-control, responsibility, reliability, will, personal power, courage, honor, pride, autonomy, purpose, spontaneity, sense of humor, playfulness


2. Sacral
Fluidity, movement, adaptability, physical pleasure, sexuality, reproduction, creative energy, emotions, sensation, nurturance, intimacy, passion, desire


1. Base - also known as Root
Connection to Earth, grounding, stability, balance, nourishment, ability to trust, sense of belonging, physical health, strength, family, roots, security, survival, prosperity

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